Can I transfer a Domain from SoftwareBiz to another Registrar

Yes, You can always transfer your Domain name from SoftwareBiz to another Registrar, But in this condition Security Policy applies on a Domain outbound transfer.
  • The Domain should be atleast 60 Days old.
  • The Domain name contact information hasn't been changed within 60 days.

To initiate a transfer, Make sure your Domain applies to above policies, Then Remove the Registrar lock from your domain by navigating to your account Domains→My Domains→Registrar Lock, And click on "Disable Registrar Lock". Then go to your Domain settings and In left Navigation pane Select "Get EPP Code" and your EPP Code will be mailed to registered E-mail address, Then you can Use this EPP code to transfer to Any registrar. 

Note: Domain transfers may take up to 24-72 hours to propagate. Please until this time period is over before contacting us.


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